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BrowserPlus is a proposal and reference implementation for a new type of scriptable web plugins (or “services”). These services can be used from regular web apps and add new JavaScript APIs for features like:

Desktop Notifications
Peer To Peer File Transfer
Client side Compression and Archiving
Device Access (like the Motion sensor or Accelerometer on modern laptops)
Client side storage

Choose Your Own Adventure

This website is a resource to both help developers use BrowserPlus in their web applications and to create new services. The documentation presently available is targeted at three different classes of developers, click through to the documentation that you’re interested in:

Web Developers: You’re interested in using the new JavaScript APIs provided by BrowserPlus to build advanced features into your web applications. Documentation and example code included.

Service Authors: You want to build a plugin for the web that’s scriptable from Javascript and works almost everywhere, in either native code or a high level language.

Browser Technologists: You’re curious about how the BrowserPlus platform works to extend it, build on top of it, or build native support for BrowserPlus plugins into an existing application (like, say, a web browser).
Adventures for All

Available Services: BrowserPlus doesn’t ship with pre-installed services. Instead services are downloaded, installed and updated on the fly. No need to wait for the next big release for new functionality or fixes. Check out the list of services currently available.

Demos: From image processing to advanced uploading, motion sensing to cross-domain JSON requests, Demos showscases more complete examples of BrowserPlus in action.

Widgets: The widgets on these pages allow for easy BrowserPlus integration on your website. Just include a script, set some optional parameters and make your site more capable.

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions.